Basic computer skills

SGD 360.00

(a) Learn How to Type Efficiently Efficient typing is an essential skill that students will utilise when they enter into the world of programming.

(b) Computer and Web Navigation Skills Exploration and navigation are stepping stones to accomplishing computer literacy.

(c) Motor Skills and Finger Dexterity In couple with correct posture, proper positioning of fingers on keyboard and usage of mouse will be guided.

The Beginning of Digital Knowledge

Many children are introduced to touchscreen devices and are not equipped with computing skills until they start their primary school journey where e-learning is becoming a norm. This course aims to prepare your child with genuine way of using keyboard, look for images in search engine and how to save them.

During the 2-hour introductory course, our educators will help children to be wellequipped with basic computer operating system, strengthen their reaction speed and cognitive skills. They will come together as a team and compete to see who has the fastest fingers!

Course Highlights:

Introduction to Computer Peripherals

Keyboard, Mouse and Trackpad

Proper hand placements and sitting posture

Select and edit texts in Microsoft words

Typing a short essay in Microsoft words

Understanding the Search Engine

Web Browser User Interface

Entering Website links

Internet safety

Who is faster?

Speed Test

Class Format

2.5 hours

$85 nett

Recommended age group:

Ages 6 to 8

Ages 50 and above

Note: Children and adults will not be mixed together. They will be separated into two

different groups. For adults who only understand Mandarin, we have educators who are

bilingual to conduct lessons.

Course Structure

Notes will be given.

Maximum class ratio of 1 : 8

Student is required to bring their own laptop.