Terms & Conditions

1. Cheque(s) must be:
• made payable to "Kim & You Tuition Centre Pte Ltd"
• mailing to Block 431 Clementi Avenue 3 #01-338 S(120431)
• crossed; and
• indicated on the back with:
- student's name,
- programme(s) selected,
- parent's contact details, and
- invoice number.
2. There is a 4 lesson deposit fee payable for all new students for the subject registered at the
1st payment. This means that we collect 8 lesson fees in advance. The first 4 lessons serve as the normal
class fees while the other 4 lessons serve as a ‘withdrawal deposit’. This means that if the student wants
to withdraw from our centre, he/she will need to give us a month notice upon the submission of the
withdrawal form. We will use the deposit to offset the following month tuition fee.
3. In cases where by there are 5 weeks in a month, we will prorate the fees accordingly and inform you at the
start of each month. For e.g. 4 lessons cost $220. 5 lessons will then cost $(220/4) x 5 = $275
4. Full programme fees have to be paid prior to the commencement of the first lesson.
5. Payment notice will be given out on the 15th of every month and payment has to be done by 26th of
every month. Any later than that will subjected to a late payment fee*.
6. Any *late payment, $10 administration fee will be imposed on a weekly basis.
7. Should a student miss any lesson, there is no refund on the pro-rated fees.
8. Make-up lesson will only be arranged if an MC is submitted. Lesson missed must be made up in the
same week otherwise that lesson cannot be retaken.
9. Kim & You Academy shall not be made liable for any unforeseen injuries, complications and accidents for
the duration of the course.
10. Kim & You Academy shall be duly notified within two (2) weeks of any and all changes in the particulars
and information of the participant.
11. Fees and schedules may be change without prior notice.
12. If your child wants to withdraw from his/her class, he/she needs to take the withdrawal form from our
centre. Withdrawal will only be accepted when 1-month notice period is given and that the form has
been submitted to the centre. Failure to give notice will result in the deposit being forfeited.